Personal Training

Working together with your very own personal trainer will get you accelerated results! At Pro-Fit Gym™, we understand that it is quite possible you’ve had a leave of absence from fitness and want a successful kick-start, or that you have an important upcoming event that you’d like to trim down and firm up for!

Whether you are just getting started again, or want to look your best, our personal trainers WILL guide you to success!

Our trainer expertise includes Weight Loss, CrossFit, Kettlebells, Triathlon and/or Endurance Training, Fitness For Women, Adventure Races.

  1. Dramatically Firm Up And Shed Unwanted Pounds Around Your Body.
  2. Significantly Improve Your Strength And Endurance In Everyday Activities.
  3. Feel More Energetic and Confident, Be More Attractive, And Perform Better In Your Daily Activities.

  1. Your Personalize Fitness and Nutrition Plan To Put Your Metabolism into Overdrive.
  2. Structured Workouts To Fit Your Needs and Fitness Level To Experience Quick, And Continuous Results, Which Will Motivate You To Work Even Harder With Your Trainer.
  3. Nutritional Plan Tailored To Meet Your Individual Needs and Goals.
  4. Accountability With Planned Meetings With Your Personal Trainer To Ensure Improvement and Success.
  5. Monthly Assessments To Monitor Your Progress.

Group Personal Training: (2 Person Minimum) Working together with your personal trainer will get you and your friends accelerated results. Receive 60-minute sessions for a fraction of the cost of private training!

  • Knowledgeable coaches, supportive members and great workouts.

    Elayne Gustoff, Member

    Knowledgeable coaches, supportive members and great workouts. I was hooked from the get go - joining Pro-Fit is one of the best decisions I've made!

  • Love Pro-Fit gym!

    Tara Dueker, Member

    Love Pro-Fit gym! Great coaches & great community!

  • Outstanding coaches and instructors that care!

    Derek Brenner, Member

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