Youth Athlete Development


Pro-Fit’s Youth Athlete Development is for any child aspiring to be a future champion. This is the perfect age to get started as the brain has the most plasticity between ages 6-14 for learning gross motor development. With this unique opportunity, and our expertise we plan fun, challenging 45-minute sessions that teach proper movement skills and speed learning by developing neuro-motor pathways.

Each session, Pro-Fit Coaches teach proper mechanics for running and coordination development, as well as include appropriate bodyweight and resistance exercise to better strength.

Our sessions include pre/post testing, performance training customizes to the individual needs of the athlete and their sport, as well as nutritional guidance for athletes.

Summer Athlete Training:

Session 1: June 3rd – June 28th

Session 2: July 1st – July 26th

45-Minute Sessions 2x/Weekly on T/TH @ 10am

$120 per session

Pro-rated @$15 per day

*Limited to 12 Athletes

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Performance Training

  1. Speed – Running mechanics and agility.
  2. Power – Strength training and plyometrics.
  3. Conditioning – Proper conditioning to improve work capacity.
  4. Flexibility – Increasing joint and muscle strength and durability.
  5. Coordination – Improve reaction, balance, rhythm, spatial awareness, and kinesthetic differentiation.

Performance Testing

  1. Vertical Jump – Power.
  2. 10 Yard Dash – Acceleration.
  3. Pro-Agility – Quickness, body control.
  4. Muscular Strength – Physical development.

Injury Prevention

  1. Functional Movement Screen™ – Identify areas of weakness and develop corrective strategies.
  2. Individualized Workouts – Our advancement model tailors the athlete’s program to their individual physical needs.
  3. Regeneration – Aid recovery between workouts and optimize performance.


  1. Precision Nutrition™ – Understand what “good nutrition” really means in-order to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve your health.
  2. Performance Nutrition – Learn how to fuel and hydrate the body to achieve peak performance before, during, and after games and practices.


Join the Program

Join the Program that has supported: World Champions, First Round Draft Picks, Premier League Soccer Players, Major League Baseball Players, USA Beach Volleyball Players, and Olympic Hopefuls.

Pictured: Tom Parratt, Professional Soccer Player

For more information, including a free trial opportunity for new athletes, contact us today.

  • Testimonial

    I have been unquestionably impressed with Aaron’s dedication to excellence

    Brian Grasso, Founder, International Youth Conditioning Association

    Aaron Larmore is the ‘new breed’ of fitness professional – young, intelligent, energetic and EXACTLY the type of person young athletes need to be training with. I have been unquestionably impressed with Aaron’s dedication to excellence and inspiring attitude. Young athletes in his area would be doing themselves a tremendous favor by receiving coaching and guidance from this man.

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