Coaching Experience | Aaron

With certainty I can state that I’ve created a program unlike any other. It only took 13 plus years and over 40,000 hours of work to get Pro-Fit to where it is today. I’ve learned that in-order to become the best in your occupation, you’ve got to learn from the best. In your respective field, whom would that be? Now imagine how beneficial it would be to spend weekends visiting with them and/or dissecting dozens of their books and videos. Hopefully you would obtain a lot of insight to their philosophy, methods and learn their conclusions from their depth of knowledge and many years of experience.

I’ve had the chance to do that in my field. I’ve spent over a dozen weekends with Pavel Tsatsouline in St. Paul; Gray Cook in St. Paul, Indianapolis and Chicago; Brian Grasso at the Coffee Shops in Chicago and worked closely assisting him with Speed and Agility Camps for 100s of kids in Peoria. I’ve driven hours to listen to Jay Schroeder speak in Columbia, Missouri and Burnsville, Minnesota; and have journals of notes from books and videos from Charlie Francis, Al Vermeil and Mike Boyle.

I’ve been fortunate to spend 1200+ unpaid hours working first hand under the best Strength Coaches in America. Again to be the best, you pay the price, and I couldn’t be happier that I got the experience. In Omaha, I worked at Xplosive Edge with Former Husker Power Strength Coaches. These Coaches were under the direction of Boyd Epley and Mike Arthur (Nebraska). Coach Epley pioneered Collegiate Strength and Conditioning at the University of Nebraska and was Head Strength Coach to Tom Osborne. Nebraska won 10 games a year for 40 years straight in large part to their athletes being physically superior and dominant on the football field.

In Iowa City, I’ve worked at Iowa Football Strength and Conditioning and Iowa Strength for the Olympic Sports. Here I learned from the best strength coach in the nation Chris Doyle on the football side and then under one of college’s best throwing strength coaches Damon Davis. With varied philosophies and different approaches, both Coaches are very successful. Coach Doyle’s mentor is the great Mike Boyle, who coined functional movement and has had the greatest impact on transforming the field to what it is today.  From 1990 to 2015 we’ve changed our methods from machines to free weights largely because of the decrease of risk for injury and in large part because there is much more strength/power transfer for increased performance. Coach Davis’s mentor is the great Al Vermeil. Al Vermeil is the only strength coach to have won a NFL and NBA Championship (San Francisco 49’ers and Chicago Bulls).

Learning from the best simply means learning how to do it right. I’ve sacrificed a lot, as have my family, to learn and provide the best service possible at Pro-Fit. With knowledge, comes understanding, so while gyms open up almost overnight I know there is a false persona of what they provide or hollow core from lack of experience. I remember Pavel stating at a Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification that, “just because anyone can write a book on training doesn’t mean they should.” I believe the same goes for gyms. When knowledge and experience lack, surely the coaching and program will reveal the same. Each week our coaches meet for 90 minutes to learn and teach the exercises for the week.  I impart much of what I’ve learned into the particular weeks exercises, which gets passed onto you.   We strive to give you the best experience possible each workout so it is expected they are sharp with their cues and quick with their correction. I share this not increase my own standing, but for you to feel proud that you are part of an organization that works so hard to do things right!

In the next blog post I’ll discuss the specifics as to why our program is much more versatile and effective than other area gyms for anyone looking to better: how they look (composition) and Feel (stamina), and/or have performance related goals (Race Training and/or CrossFit).

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