Corridor Clash | November 7th

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. Henry David Thoreau


Who doesn’t love a little push during a workout from a friend that you workout with on a regular basis? Competition is in our blood and drives us to get better at our weaknesses. Competition teaches us to dig deep and to demonstrate strength we never knew we had. Competition can provide us with the opportunity to think outside the box and explore other ways to succeed. We all need goals in life and things to strive for. Why not take a chance at something new and sign up for a new adventure in life, like the Corridor Clash! Sure, CrossFit competitions are intimidating and cover a wide spectrum of movements but you work on those movements on a weekly basis with your workouts at Pro-Fit. There’s also still time for you to join in the Healthy Life Challenge, which gives you personalized attention on the Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements over the next 8 weeks.

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

The Corridor Clash is on November 7th – 9am to 4pm, and is located on our home turf! What better way to get your competition feet wet then in a gym you’re already comfortable at. Last year we had fifteen teams competing from all over the corridor area. It’s a great way to see and meet people from the area that love the sport of CrossFit, as well as, an opportunity to reach out to a Pro-Fit member or friend and get them on your team. The competition consists of two guys and two gals, with three workouts that your team will compete in throughout the day. Yes, its true, it is hard to be great at every movement of CrossFit but no worries because you have teammates that can and will support you.

If you’re on the fence on signing up for your first competition, I strongly encourage you to chat with one of the Pro-Fit instructors and narrow down what your weakness are. Looking over what the standards are for the competition will help you decide if this competition is right up your ally. If there is a couple of movements that cause you to hesitate, make them your goals to work on. Remember you have to start somewhere. Nothing feels as good as when you achieve and accomplish a goal! So add another goal to your list before the year is over and sign up for the Corridor Clash!!!

Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the event. Below are the standards, hope to see you all there!

Standards One Division (Women’s/Men’s)
Thruster 65lbs/95lbs for reps
Deadlift 125lbs/185lbs for reps
Weighted walking lunges
Kettlebell Swings 16kg/24kg for reps
Cleans 75lbs/115lbs for reps
Front Squats 95lbs/135lbs for reps
Ground to Overhead 55lbs/95lbs for reps
Wall Balls 14lb/20lb
Box Jumps 20in/24in
Kipping pull-ups
Toes to Bar