Fit Body Transformation

Perfection isn’t necessary. Consistency is.

Welcome to our Fall edition of FIT Body Transformation, brought to you by the Precision Nutrition Program!

Do you know how many times coaches hear, “I work out but I’m just not losing weight.” “I eat well but my body doesn’t seem to change.” These are the two most common phrases in our industry and that’s a problem because over 90% of people come to us with a goal of fat loss. The exercise is the easy part, the hard adjustment is the nutrition. As Mike Boyle once said, “The best exercise for fat loss is called the table push away”. Simply put, you cannot out train a bad diet. This is the reason we have created the Fit Body Transformation; to help you realize how important nutrition is, to help you develop new habits and to realize the body you have always wanted.

The diet industry is flooded with all kinds of different approaches.  What is the right approach? Every day, we are bombarded with social media proclaiming their approach is the right one, maybe I should try? The latest trend is the idea of cleanse, 7 day, 30 day, etc… Yes, they work, no they typically don’t last and in most cases people end up gaining weight months after because they were denied so many foods that they tend to go crazy when opportunity arises.  Why spend your time on temporary fixes? Would you fix your roof for the next week or would you fix it for the next 20 years? I know what I would do!

Why do we use Precision Nutrition here at Pro-Fit? Simple, it’s THE BEST FAT LOSS, SCIENCE BASED PROGRAM IN THE WORLD! This program helps you improve your health, your performance, and body composition all in one!  Here are 5 reasons to join this edition:

NUTRITION FOR THE ACTIVE:   Why would we give you a fat loss program that doesn’t account for activity?  Many diets restrict the nutrients that you need to perform every day. We teach you about timing and what to eat and when so you can perform in the gym, at your job and in your home life with great energy.

ADAPATBILITY: There are many levels to the program and it can help the right beginning level for you. If you are struggling staying compliant we will find a better beginning level for you. It’s about making success easy and common.

IT IS SCIENCE BASED: There are many programs that are fads, don’t eat this, eat that. Never eat this!   None of them help you develop habits in ways that last. Worse, they restrict nutrients your body needs and you end up less healthy than you were before. Your body needs nutrients to function well, restricting so many types of foods is not a good idea.

SUPPORT: We are faced with many obstacles when trying to change eating habits. It’s important we have support to overcome those!  Many people just don’t know how to prepare a healthy meal. For the first time ever at Pro-Fit we are offering cooking classes to teach you how to prepare, taste, and explore new foods.  Come join us and learn how easy and great tasting real food can be!

ACCOUNTABILITY: Lastly and most importantly, this program provides accountability. Find your name on the board, keep track, check in with coaches, ask questions, attend workouts, and come to our cooking classes.. Our unique “scoring” system turns accountability into a game/contest. Accumulate points=success. Accountability is the number 1 determinant of success! Without it you are likely to fail.

Surround yourself with people that force you to do better.

If that’s not enough reason to join this edition I don’t know what will convince you :).   See you soon!