Iowa City CrossFit

Objectives: Increased Energy, Strength and Weight Loss; Healthier, More Active & Longer Life.

Burn up to 1200 Calories

CrossFit workouts are challenging, motivating and designed to significantly improve energy, strength and visible muscle tone. Each workout incorporates high-intensity-intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. Different everyday, participants are led by skilled fitness coaches through body weight exercises, rowing machines, kettlebells, and free weights. Our workout is the most effective for weight and fat loss, as you can burn up to 1,200 calories in a 60-minute workout.

All workouts are designed with variations so all fitness levels can participate and get maximum benefits. Most members find working out 5 or 6 days/weekly is sustainable with our program. Not only will you Love Your Workout®, but Your Body Will Love You. According to research, your body will become a fat burning machine, our workouts burn as much as 65% more calories than the other popular trends!

Our program is one-of-a-kind as it’s safe, effective, and life-long sustainable. There is continuity from workout, and each workout is thoroughly thought out with every exercise serving a distinct purpose. Pro-Fit is the result of blending proven scientific principles, years of professional experience, and learning first hand from top fitness, strength and conditioning coaches.

Be Fit. Be Challenged. Be Involved.

  1. Burn more calories everyday. We consistently burn more calories than the trends.
  2. Experienced Coaches with degrees guide your every workout.
  3. Every member receives access to some of the most cutting edge technology in the fitness industry; MYZONE, heart-rate training system and WODIFY, fitness tracking.
  4. We train smart. Our workouts will challenge you, but not deplete you for your next training day. You will be stronger, look better, with less likelihood of setbacks.
  5. Our high intensity intervals of strength and cardio stimulate excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Due to the metabolic effects of EPOC, an individual will burn up to 15% additional calories post workout.
  6. MyZone Heart-Rate-Monitoring System shows your HR Zone in real-time during your workouts. MyZone is displayed on big screens throughout gym. It will records your activity and send you an email summarizing your performance for the day.
  7. Through Wodify you can track personal bests and measure your progress throughout your fitness journey.
  8. : Pro-Fit is unique that we quantify levels of performance, which allows you to continually push your limits and never plateau. We’ve formulated levels of performance for STRENGTH, Strength Score™ & FITNESS, Fitness Score™. At Pro-Fit you have access to an unparalleled system for continual performance development
  9. We value the Community in which we live and work. Sponsoring Community Events, Benefits and having socials allows us to build relationships and make a difference. There is nothing more rewarding to us then bettering our relationships and community.

Monday-Friday: 5:00a, 6:00a, 8:15a, 9:15a, 12p, 4:30p, 5:30p*  *No 5:30pm class on Fridays
Saturday: *8am – FREE Community Workout

Beginning May 5th: 7am Performance Wod, 9am Elements Class – NEW Athletes 

  • Every time I said “I can’t do that” the response I received was “yet…”

    Diana Frisbie, Member

    I had never lifted a barbell in my life, but was extremely impressed by the knowledge and patience of the staff, and the growth mindset I encountered. Every time I said "I can't do that" the response I received was "yet..."

  • It is the perfect blend of strength and cardio that is fun and challenging for people of all athletic backgrounds.

    Matt Kemp, Member

    Pro-Fit has been an awesome way for me to workout. Not only does the variety fight workout boredom, it continuously provides me unique stimulus for you to get fitter. It is the perfect blend of strength and cardio that is fun and challenging for people of all athletic backgrounds. I came from an endurance background with minimal exposure to strength training. Pro-Fit has allowed me to build strength without sacrificing my aerobic and endurance capability.

  • Pro-Fit is truly a full body workout.

    Kevin Christians, Member

    By joining Pro-Fit, you will see incredible cardio results without sacrificing strength. You will be amazed how your performance on typical gym exercises will grow. (i.e. bench press, military press, etc.) I have been going to Pro-Fit for 3 years and never tire of the workouts and challenges they pose. Pro-Fit is truly a full body workout.

  • I love that my workouts are planned for me

    Jennifer Pratt, Member

    I love that my workouts are planned for me and I never leave wondering if did enough!


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