Get on Track

My favorite season is Fall. The leaves are changing, the weather is cool, Iowa Football has begun and the schools are in session. At the gym, I love the calming feel when summer sports and trips have concluded, the kids are back in school and members are back at the gym in their regular routines.

The beginning of Fall is the best time to fine tune your habits for consistency at the gym and to achieve your goals. Our FITNESS TRACKS are available to help motivate you and provide you accountability at the gym. By “Getting On Track” you are more likely to eat healthier, workout more consistently and become a far superior you by optimizing each workout. With our FITNESS TRACKS, we’ve made it easy to accelerate your success this Fall. If you eat better, you will perform better. If you have better technique, you will get more out of each workout by being more efficient with the movements.

If you want to lose 15 or 20 pounds, get healthier to lower or drop your medication, then I recommend the Fit Body Transformation. If your goal is to meet the required standards to do exceedingly well at the Corridor Clash in November or even get a jumpstart on the CrossFit Games in February, I recommend attending one or both of the Performance Tracks as much as possible over the 8 weeks.

Since beginning Pro-Fit, my main objective is to provide you the best opportunities possible to develop a healthy lifestyle, through daily physical activity, for reaching your goals. Our daily WODs will better your mobility, strength and endurance to help you lose weight, increase strength and better your athletic preparation for any sport. In a nutshell, our exercise program is sustainable for life and will keep you in good health.

I challenge you to better your fitness this Fall. I trust completely:

  • Gymnastics Track, after 15-20 hours of practice with Coach Wing (Gymnast Experience: 14 Years Athlete/7 Years Coach) you will be able to tap into your body better and do more than you ever thought possible.
  • Olympic Lifting, after 8-12 hours of practice with Coach West, USA Weight-Lifting (PRs: 155lbs Snatch, 185lbs Clean) you will be remarkably stronger and safer in your Olympic lifts.
  • Fit Body Transformation, you will feel, look, and perform better everyday by having a plan and a support system that will keep you motivated and accountable. There is no one better than Coach Amelon. She has spent hundreds of hours tailoring the Precision Nutrition System to Pro-Fit and is invested in helping you to develop daily healthy habits.

I hope many of our members will choose to “Get on Track” this Fall. Those that commit will reap tremendous change over the next 8 weeks.

In Health,