Post WOD Recovery Yoga | Why do it?

Lucky you!!  The Pro-Fit Gym has a hot yoga studio right on site so you can go directly from the WOD to the Post-WOD Recovery yoga practice and reap the full benefit of yoga postures precisely when your body is prepared to receive it.  Your muscles are already warm, so no need for extended sun salutation warm ups, you can get right to the asanas (postures).

Every Post-WOD Recovery class is designed specifically for the WOD it follows. Each exercise in the WOD is recorded and researched in the Post-WOD Recovery Yoga book – a book written specifically for this purpose.  It lists the asanas needed to address the muscles, joints, connective tissue involved in the stretching recovery process.  Circulation of blood and lymph is brought to the muscles during the asanas to cleanse the tissues of metabolic waste and flush lactic acid from the muscles.

Yoga doesn’t prevent soreness, but it can help move soreness out of your body and speed recovery from your functional fitness routine.  It can also improve the range of motion in your joints, and leave you feeling peaceful and with a sense of well-being.

But did you know that yoga can also raise testosterone levels in your body, raise GABA (anti-depression neurotransmitter) levels in your brain, raise your pain threshold, reduce stress and anxiety?  These claims have been substantiated by scientific studies.  If you want to know more, read the powerpoint printout on the check-in desk at Coralville Pro-Fit Gym; or check your computer on your own!

The Post-WOD Recovery Yoga class is a mere 30 minutes — following the Tuesday and Thursday 9:05 a.m. WOD.   The temperature is less than traditional hot yoga since you are coming from the WOD and are already heated internally.  The class begins at roughly 10:05 a.m.; ends at 10:35 including savasana (closing rest).  Half-an-hour, twice a week is little investment to reap so great a benefit to your body, mind, and spirit.